Jul 18, 2009

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Erin Andrews Peephole: Erin Andrews, ESPN sports reporter and blogger, was filmed naked in her hotel room through a peephole. The video was released by NSFWpoa.com in their post titled "Hot naked blonde who looks a lot like a sports blogger favorite in her hotel room".

[photo via Manolith]
Popular ESPN sports reporter and blogger Erin Andrews is making headlines once again, this time for a unauthorized online video that supposedly shows her naked in her hotel room through a peephole. The website NSFWpoa.com, uploaded the video yesterday entitled “Hot naked blonde who looks a lot like a sports blogger favorite in her hotel room.”
The post was taken down after ESPN attorney David Pahl issued a letter warning to Doug Sheckler, blog proprietor for NSFWpoa.

[photo via Deadspin]

In the letter to Doug Sheckler, David Pahl wrote:
I am the General Counsel of ESPN, Inc. It has come to my attention that you have posted on your site pictures of a young, blonde woman at http://www.nsfwpoa.com/2009/07/hot-naked-blonde-who-looks-lot-like.html. These pictures were obviously taken through a peephole or otherwise in a fashion constituting a trespass/assault on the rights of the woman involved. Your continued posting of these pictures are highly likely to render you an accessory after the fact to a criminal act. We hereby demand that you (i) immediately remove these pictures from your site and (ii) disclose to us the source of the pictures. We intend to hold you fully responsible for further display of material that so obviously violates the law.

Please confirm by return e-mail that you intend to comply with these demands. In the absence of such confirmation we will assume you are an active and willing participant in these acts.

David Pahl


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  2. Anonymous19 July, 2009

    FOUND IT!!! They got the video from google’s cache and uploaded it to http://408passion.com/watch2882.html it’s free no worries!

  3. OMG! You can see Erin Andrews' tape here too:

    You have to do a little survey then it takes you right to the video. Finally!!

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