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'She was the girl-next-door type': The New Paper reports a four-minute sex video clip a former Singaporean air stewardess and part-time actress which appeared on US websites.

A graphic video clip of a former Singaporean air stewardess and part-time actress having sex with a man has been circulating online.

The four-minute clip, which focused nearly entirely on the woman in explicit poses performing sex acts, looks to be taken by the man.

It also appears to have been taken with the woman's knowledge, as she is the focus of the video.

The New Paper believes she is a part-time actress who has appeared in television dramas on the local Malay TV channel Suria, but is no longer on contract with MediaCorp.

A hotline caller, who claimed to be a friend of the woman in the video, said the clip surfaced in the last two days on a US-based media-sharing site that also included two still photographs of the woman in a bikini posing with friends.

The clip has since been taken down.
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