of vancouver 2010 olympic torch malfunction

Olympic Torch Malfunction, Vancouver 2010: The Everything went smooth at the opening ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, except for a slight Olympic Torch mishap.
The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics got underway last night, with the official Opening Ceremony kicking everything off. But it appears that last night’s Opening Ceremony didn’t quite go without any hitches, with a slight Olympic Torch mishap.

According to a report at ctvolympics.ca, an equipment malfunction that happened just as the Olympic cauldron was about to be lit, left one of the final four torchbearers Catriona LeMay Doan, standing there with a torch but nothing to light.

Reports say that only 3, of the 4 sections surrounding the Olympic cauldron managed to emerge from below the stadium. David Atkins, who was hired a few years ago to parlay millions of dollars into a show that would amaze, said it was a mechanical failure.

Atkins said that the trap unfortunately had some sort of problem. But he then praised his crew, who actually managed to get the central cauldron to light, despite it missing one of its four column-like sections. “They did a terrific job” he said.


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