Mar 7, 2010

of jack neo had 2 year extramarital affair with 22 year old model

Jack Neo’s wife forgives him for 2-year extramarital affair with 22 year old model: Lianhe Wanbao reports Jack Neo having a 2-year extramarital affair with 22-year-old model Zhong Jiayan.

Left: 梁智强和妻子康美凤
Right: 钟佳燕(22岁), 自由性质的模特儿
[photo via]
Jack Neo’s wife has forgiven him for his 2 year- extramarital affair with a 22 year old model, Ms Zhong Jiayan, Lianhe Wanbao reports.

The famous Singapore comedian turned movie director has made the headlines lately after it was spilled to the media that the model had leaked the affair to Jack Neo’s wife, Mdm Kang Meifeng.

According to Ms Zhong, she first knew Jack Neo while filming “Money Not Enough 2″ 2 years ago after which Jack Neo started courting her. They started dating a week later.

Jack Neo admitted that he had thought of ending the relationship, but Ms Zhong always threatened suicide to keep him by her side.
Read more at The Temasek Review

Also from Kwong Wah Newspaper,
Singapore’s acclaimed director Jack Neo Chee Keong had extramarital affairs. After the shameful affairs were exposed, on Friday, he, wife and his girlfriend had a 4-and-a-half-hour long discussion.

Jack Neo, who is 50 years old this year, cheated his 46-year-old wife on a 22-year-old model. They had a 2-year-old long undergroundrelationship already.

At 3:00pm Friday afternoon, the young model felt she was cheated by Jack Neo and became very agitated, so she went to Neo’s house and told his wife of their affairs. After a while, three of them left together on a vehicle to a restaurant of Crowne Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport where they talked until 7:30pm. The whole process took four and a half hours.

Model Zhong Jia Yan told the media she first knew Jack Neo while filming two years ago, then developed an underground affair afterwards.

Zhong revealed she and Neo had feel fouls many times in the past one year. Yesterday, she finally couldn’t hold the accumulated rancours any longer, so decided to tell Madam Neo of theirrelationship.

Three of them reached the restaurant of Crown Plaza Hotel at 5:00pm. During the negotionation, Zhong informed his father and sister when arrived at the venue at about 6:00pm.

Jack Neo also informed his fellow churchgoers, priest and manager to help. He appeared disappointed during the whole discussion.

There were totally 8 persons from both of sides. They discussed about two and a half hours before leaving.

梁智强、嫩草、老婆3方到樟宜机场的皇冠假日酒店(Crowne Plaza)的一间餐厅谈判 [photo via]

钟佳燕和父亲离去后,梁智强夫妇在牧师、教友和经理人的陪同下迅速离开 [photo via]

See the photos at Kwong Wah Newspaper.

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[via Hollywood Celeb Gossips]

1 comment:

  1. It is very unfortunate that someone like Jack Neo will fall into such temptations. It hurt his family deeply even though his wife has forgiven him. It will take time to heal.

    In his capacity, he will be exposed to such temptations and he chose to fall into it. I believed he knew whether it was right or wrong. I have viewed most of his films and felt he should remember what he has done that contradicted what he tried to tell in his shows.

    I hope the Model will leave him alone and not threaten to harm herself for this relationship as she still has her own future since she is only 22 years old. She should give up and she has to bear the responsibility as well since she knew that he is a married man.


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