Mar 20, 2011

of wyclef jean shot in haiti, management confirms shooting + photo of wyclef in hospital

Wyclef Jean Shot in Haiti, Management Confirms Shooting + Photo of Wyclef in Hospital: Wyclef Jean was shot by gunmen in Delams Haiti. Armed gunmen opened fire at Wyclef's car during the presidential campaign. Jean was in the car with fellow rapper Busta Rhymes, Jimmy Rosemond and other members of his entourage. No one else was injured.

According to Robert Alai, this is the picture of Singer Wyclef Jean lying in bed after just being shot in Haiti.

Wyclef's management twitted
We have spoken to Wyclef, he is ok. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers - Managment
Pras Michel twitted,
Yes they shot Wyclef and he's in the hospital and he'll be fine. They just shot his hand ..
Anthony De Rosa twitted,
Wyclef Jean was involved in a shooting incident in Haiti but is not seriously injured. He was reportedly shot in the hand.


  1. Woaw, hope you fell better Wiclef

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