Dec 20, 2011

of australian blogger (melissa444) on xiaxue's awards at nuffnang asia pacific blog awards

Xiaxue swept two awards (Region's Best Blog and Most Influential Blog) at the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2011 held last week.

Australian blogger Melissa444 has issues and posted them on her blog (The Things I'd Tell You).
Nuffnang, is this really the kind of blog you want to promote as the best Nuffnang blog? The best blog the Asia Pacific has to offer? Fair enough if you want some of the votes to be reader based, popularity votes. But calling that blog the 'best' blog in the Asia Pacific is mortifying to other blogs. To think that a person like this should be awarded for her blog is akin to giving Paris Hilton an Oscar for her acting skills. It's absurd. And demoralising to think that this is the kind of thing you're drawn to.....So clearly Nuffnang and other promoters, and tens of thousands of readers have no issue with following and supporting the blog of someone who uses consistently foul and racist language on her blog. After all - she's the 'best'.
Read more of what Melissa444 blogged (Oh Come ON!!!!)

Xiaxue responded to Melissa's comments in her blog. Read So many angry Australians

Melissa wrote another post to clear some air.
My issue was with "Best Regional Blog". It intimated to me that Nuffnang were saying that this meant that Xiaxue's blog was literally 'the best blog in the Asia-Pacific Region'. That surprised me, as there is very little strong content, and in her own words, is not meant to be taken seriously. When I hear "best" (for example "Best Actor", "Best Movie", "Best Actress", I assume that that means it has been judged to be best. By an unbiased panel of judges. As such, I was surprised (and disappointed that a blog like like this could be chosen) with the result.

But it's ok. Nuffnang has already cleared that up.....
Read more (So..that went well)

NAPBAS 2011 Region's Best Blog and Most Influential Blog went to Xiaxue [photos via]

Congrats to all the winners of the NAPBAS 2011:
Xiaxue, Kenny Sia, Eat Show and Tell, Beautifulnara, ladyironchef, Just Wandering, Cheeserland, Photoblog 攝影札記, Geekout, Childhood 101, Jenni Epperson and Googly Gooeys


  1. I agree with Melissa. What's so great about Xiaxue's blog that she deserved to win Region's Best Blog Award?

    Blogging about her haters, advertorials after advertorials, self-portraits after self-portraits, constantly bitching about others or cooing over her ugly pets hardly qualifies her for either Influential or Best blog award. Not to mention her nasty comments and offensive/vulgar words she's fond of using...

    Nuffnang should seriously consider reviewing their nomination and award criterias. I have lost my respect for this organisation.

    And I am a Singaporean.

  2. Lol @Galaxia : You're Dawn Yang right? Nice try. Go plagiarise some websites or flash your underwear in more pictures. BYE.

  3. No doubt it's dawn yang commenting... Dawn wishes to be cute so she ll put down even cuddly pets...

  4. NOT Dawn Yang24 December, 2011

    So whoever not in favor of Xiaxue has to be Dawn Yang, right? Shows how retarded and immatured Xiaxue's fans are. You are the kind of retarded fans who voted for her out of ignorance..

    Just compare the site meters of


    He has 400,000 visits per day compared to xiaxue's 40,000. That's close to 10 TIMES MORE than xiaxue. Many of his blog posts garner between 1000-2000 comments.

    Was Nuffnang too distracted by pink hair to notice this ??

    And I am also a Singaporean, and definitely NOT Dawn Yang!

  5. Another Singaporean24 December, 2011

    Why is HAN HAN not in the running? He has more than a million hits each day...

    Another Singaporean who thinks XX doesn't deserve the Region's Best Blog.

  6. NUFFNANG SUCKS !24 December, 2011

    Look at the kind of comments Xiaxue's fans are posting. Just becos some people do not support Xiaxue, they must be Dawn Yang. The more I read such comments, the more I'm convinced what kind of bad influence Xiaxue is and the more I'm convinced that she does not deserve to win either the Best or Most Influential Blog awards. Her own fans are perfect proofs of her vast bad influence.

  7. Wanna know why Xiaxue won?

    IT's ALL RIGGED. Xiaxue is good friends with the owners of Nuffnang Ming and Tim.

    She sucks up to them and that's why they let her win.


  8. So. I'm Melissa. (Of the 4's). Am a little surprised to see how far and out of hand this whole thing went.

    I regret the huge debate that followed. I went from a tiny blog wiht a couple of hundred hits a day to this ridiculous train wreck.

    I was stating an opinion. I don't care if she won most influential. I don't care if she gets a gazillion hits a day. I just think when it comes to best content, there are a lot of better (MUCH BETTER) blogs out there. And no, before someone else says it - I DON'T see mine as one of them. :-) I wasn't in the competition. Am not jealous about awards,lol. Was not looking for hits - I have no advertisers on my blog, I had already dropped NN.

    And I do find if funny that anyone who says anything about XX MUST be Dawn Yang. (I had to look it up. She DOES take a lot of pride in the way her followers treat any detractors, doesn't she? Girl loves a good feud).

    I wish her no ill. Honestly. There's no question (and I've learned this well and truly :D) there is a market for her kind of blog. I guess I'm just not it.

    I do agree though (after actually reading more about her (from her blog), she is awfully close to Nuffnang. It's not just a business arrangement. If you go to her wedding post - they were all at her wedding. Had their own table. They're friends. I do think that there must be a little bit of bias there. Is it normal to be such close personal friends with the people that judge the competitions you're in, or who pay your bills and determine how much advertising $$ you get?

  9. You stated a very good point Melissa, and I feel that you really didn't have to defend yourself. All of us are small time bloggers and have the right to express our opinions and regrets with Nuffnang. We do not do it out of jealousy but to seek fairness and justice.

    As a matter of fact, when I posted my first comments, I fully expected Xiaxue's fans to promptly accuse me of being Dawn Yang. To them who have been badly influenced by Xiaxue, anyone who isn't a supporter of Xiaxue must be Dawn Yang, and if that's the case, then most Singaporeans must be Dawn Yang as most Singaporeans simply detest Xiaxue!

    For one who has dedicated an entire section in her blog insulting and putting down Dawn Yang based on what happened years ago (2008 and before), it baffles my mind that Nuffnang would actually consider her worthy of Best Blog or Most Influential Blog Awards.

    It is obvious that contents and MOTIVES behind her writings were totally ignored by Nuffnang. Xiaxue is still a sore loser since the lawsuit and has to constantly find ways and means to put down Dawn Yang and instigate hatred and mockery of her in order to make herself feel better and promote her blog.

    But I'm sure Nuffnang will come up with brand new lame excuses to justify their decisions, as if Asia-Pacific has no better blogs that truly deserve recognition and award.

    I am pretty sure that Nuffnang judges did not even bother to thoroughly read and understand Xiaxue's blog - her foul language and motives behind that arrogant, bitchy character.

  10. People see XiaXue as a narcissistic airhead. When I first started reading her blog, I too wondered "How can this be award-winning..?"
    Advertisers used to doubt the influence of online advertising through bloggers. If anyone's read her much older entries, XiaXue's faced this as well. XiaXue redefined blogging, taking advertising to a whole new level and popularizing the concept. As for substance, this is a woman who's never without opinion, who says she's just a pinkhead? I don't dislike Melissa's post about it, it was civilly written without irrational backlashing like what haters do, and it did make some points. But in this case, think of XiaXue as Meryl Streep. The Oscars should just come up with a Meryl Streep award every year and stop nominating her at the Oscars.

  11. Be fair to the voters too... XX won the awards is because that's what the netizens love to read. The recognition is given by voters, not by Nuffnang or the rest of the nominees. You commentors here please be rational before you make a judgement. All these are about individual preference.

  12. Think about the politic fellas you have in your country today. How many of the peoples really think their PM deserves or not to be deserved as the country's PM?

    Same scenario. Why the fuss? Just because of these 2 women. All about jealousy and arrogant. Galaxia is just one of those trying to trigger the fire.

  13. Hi Xiaxue, don't flatter yourself too much. Nobody voted for you for Best Blog award. It was chosen by a panel of blind judges from the corrupted Nuffnang organisation. And just because you pride yourself of having 40,000 followers, it doesn't mean netizens love to read your blog. Sometimes we just want to see how you make a fool of yourself with your cross eyes and pink hair that makes Miss Piggy look bad :)
    And if we don't read your blog, how would we know you are such an attenting seeking whore who doesn't deserve any Awards. You are an utter disgrace and embarrassment to Singapore and Best Bitch Award is what's most fitting for you :)


  14. If going by site statistics, the Best Blog of the region should be or Han Han, not xiaxue. To say that xiaxue blog is the best in the region is quite insulting to readers and other bloggers and especially embarrassing to Singaporeans as she's widely known only as a foul-mouth bitch even in the way she writes.

    Giving her the best blog and most influential blog titles is very misleading and makes Nuffnang look suspicious and like a corrupted agency. If this is a business arrangement due to advertising revenues that xiaxue is able to generate for Nuffnang, then just call her by some other titles like Nuffnang Best Advertiser or Achievement Award.

    Don't mislead netizens and advertisers by conferring her undeserving titles like "Best Blog" and "Most Influential".

    I remember she wrote a lengthy, aggressive blog post during the general elections but still failed to influence voters to help win George Yeo.

    Most Influential blog? Best blog? Did Nuffnang judges even read her blog at all ?

    She has blogged about at least 4 haters this year alone - Peter Coffin, Dee Kosh, Youtube haters and now Melissa. Did it occur to Nuffnang that xiaxue is attracting enough haters to keep her blog going, if not she almost has nothing else to write about?

    Why was that has 10 times more hits than xiaxue passed off as the winner in favor of xiaxue - Was it becos he writes in Malay?

    In my opinion, Malay language is better than the vulgar language of xiaxue.

  15. I think that Melissa chose to start a very personal attack on Xiaxue. I would have hoped that someone who claims to have wisdom and a much more mature blog would know better than to start a schoolyard fight. If you are not happy with Nuffnang then why sign up to finance your blog. One would think that adults should know that the world is not fair and it is who not what you know that gets you places.

    If you want beautifulnara to win then vote. Or are people just trying to make a point by bringing up that blog. How many asia-pacific bloggers are bilingual in malay? It could be the best site ever but perhaps his readers don't vote.

    I think that because there is no transparency to the voting the blogging community is now having a free for all in making assumptions.

    Whatever the way in which popularity is achieved, bad publicity is better than no publicity right? I think it is really a matter of preference if you'd rather have a wholesome mother-figure, homemaker blog or a controversial youthful lighthearted blog.

    And if Paris Hilton did win best actress we'd all know it was because of who she is and not how great her acting is. But I'm sure she couldn't care less.

  16. That is precisely why Paris Hilton is popularly known and accepted as a "Socialite", not as a potential best actress no matter how much she tries her best in acting.

    That is why the PM of Singapore is rightly known as tne PM of Singapore and not as the Best PM in the Region or whatever...

    Get it ??

    Credit and recognition must be given where it's due and over-rating someone and misleading the public must be avoided whenever possible.

    xiaxue is obviously the INFAMOUS blogger of Singapore and the region and that is how she deserves to be commonly known and that is how she will always be remembered.

    Nuffnang should do justice to other bloggers, advertisers and netizens and stop deceiving us into thinking that she is the "Best Blogger" in the region when she's clearly not !

  17. Franky, you said it rightly that bad publicity is better than no publicity. And like you said XX should be better known as a Controversial Blogger rather than best blogger, especially if Nuffnang and her fans have no problems with her foul language, self-obsession and remarkable ability to make many enemies....

  18. The world is never be fair. Accept the facts, care less and you'll be happy in life. But thanks to XX brings Melissa some popularity. I actually don even know who Melissa is lolz..

  19. And I didn't even know who Xiaxue is, thanks to Melissa now I'm introduced to the Singapore Bitch, I mean "Best Blogger" .. *rolling eyes*

  20. U GUYS ARE SO FUNNY!!!!!
    I <3 XIAXUE

  21. This is ridiculous. Anyone who reads Xiaxue's blog is struck with one thing above all else - SHE DOESN'T PRETEND. She doesn't try to exaggerate herself to be this incredibly good person. She's quite bitchy, but everything about her is genuine. The core of her popularity isn't her advetorials, it's the controversy surrounding the fact that she is completely honest and has nothing to hide. So many people admire her - I'm a regular reader of her blog and I don't always agree with her viewpoints, but her honesty and bluntness makes her stand out from other bloggers. Like I said before, she doesn't pretend.

    Melissa sounds like a woman who has been through a lot, and I respect that, but if she was so mature and "deep", why would she be adding fuel to a very petty fire? If Xiaxue was so childish and, I suppose, bimbo-like, why did Melissa have to pay her any attention? It's ridiculous.

  22. Is it necessary to drag Dawn Yang into this when she has no part in this? Give her a break.

  23. Izzy said about Xiaxue - "SHE DOESN'T PRETEND. She doesn't try to exaggerate herself to be this incredibly good person."

    This shows how naive you are and badly Xiaxue has influenced you.

    Xiaxue calls herself "awesome" blogger. If this is not pretending, boasting and exaggerating herself, then I don't know what it.

    You are right that she is controversial and genuine ... to a certain extent. But Controversial and genuine doesn't make her "best" blogger.

    With shocking pink hair, colored lens, layers of thick heavy make-up and plastic surgeries, she is more fake than genuine. And embarrassing herself by calling herself "awesome" when she herself knows that she's a bitch.

    Her fans are those who are ugly like her and desperate for plastic surgeries and fake beauty, or gays or mentards. The others are just browsing her blog to see if she's bitching about someone they know or how much she tries to be more and more fake each day.

    Best Blogger My Foot !!!!

    Timothy Tiah is a Malaysian and it doesn't surprise me where his corrupt practices come from. That country is well known for it.

  24. XX assumes that people should look up to her as an honest and genuine person just bcos she admitted frankly to all her plastic surgeries. But we are not dumb and ignorant like most of her fans. Admitting to her insecurities and plastic surgeries does not make her any more honest than refusing to admit to plastic surgeries makes Dawn Yang a liar.
    Calling Dawn Yang a "lying hypocrite" does not mean readers will believe that especially knowing what kind of revengeful bitch XX is.

    I am sure there are many other things XX hides and covers up and there are also many things Dawn Yang is willing to openly reveal in her blog. No one is more or less honest than the other. I don't understand how a nasty blogger such as XX can be over-rated and promoted to such an extent. I thought Nuffnang was a fair, reliable and professional firm. Not any more...

  25. While I like being in Singapore, I think it is unfair to associate all Malaysians and all of Malaysia with corruption. There is no need to make a dig at another country or even our own homeland over this blogging competition disagreement.

    From a Malaysian Singapore PR who loves both countries.

  26. "Wanna know why Xiaxue won?

    IT's ALL RIGGED. Xiaxue is good friends with the owners of Nuffnang Ming and Tim.

    She sucks up to them and that's why they let her win.


    So true. We need to let more people realize this! Complain and petition to Nuffnang about their CORRUPT, BIASED practices!

  27. Nuffnang is an Advertising agency. Who do u all expect? Like other ad agencies, they have to cheat, lie, manipulate and exaggerate for business... including lying that Xiao Xuey is the best blogger. *Pukes*

  28. I'm of the mind that if you hate Xiaxue, Dawn Yang (seriously why do some people keep bringing her up in regards to XX??), Paris Hilton, Melissa, or WHO THE HECK EVER! You would stop talking about them. Or reading about them even on other people's blog entries (just skip it!). Because all you're doing is adding fuel to the fire. Getting her fans to start screaming about how she's awesome, more haters to scream about how she sucks/is without talent, etc. Then people who perhaps don't know who you are talking about, looks her up. Becomes a fan or becomes a hater and IT ALL KEEPS GOING.

    If, however, you simply skipped past whatever blog entry you read about her and all other haters do as well, the person who blogged about her would be like "Oh, no one cares? Well, no need to talk about her anymore." And would not do it again.

    In this case, "her" refers to every controversial female blogger ever. If you hate them, the best thing you can do is let them fade out of the limelight by not giving them any attention.

    I like Xiaxue, i do not hate dawn yang (how could i, i know nothing about her except she is pretty), and i think this thing with Melissa has BLOWN OUT OF CONTROL.

  29. If this issue is not blown out of control then Nuffnang will continue with its corrupt practices of cheating and lying. They think we are stupid enough to not notice. With or without Melissa from Australia, Singaporeans are already aware of this issue that is not blown out of control but rather has been left unaddressed for far too long... Now's the time to expose Nuffnang.

    XX tweets insults about other bloggers and people she dislikes and encourages her followers to retweet and yet ends up being hated herself.

    It's also ironical how she often complains of arm pain and busy schedule, but the moment someone provokes her, she has enough strength and time to promptly put up an "impressive" blog post attacking her haters...

    This is the kind of hypocritical nasty blogger Nuffnang has selected as the best blogger in the region.

    Nuffnang should be blacklisted, taken to task and held responsible for promoting such bad influence.

    Calling XX region's best blogger is like calling Adolf Hitler or Osama bin Laden best heros when they are in fact well known as infamous terrorists!

  30. Nuffnang and xiaxue are an embarrassment to the Asia-Pacific region. What will other parts of the world think when they see this is the best blog Asia-Pacifc can produce? The blog of a Singapore bitch... PUI!

  31. I'm on Ebony Kitty's side, cannot agree more. I find the post from Anonymous on Jan 1st Insensitive and offensive, no need for the generalisation on Malaysia or its people.

  32. Reading these comments got me curious to do some background check on Nuffnang and it appears that XX does indeed have a close working and personal relationship with Nuffnang. She is a pioneer blogger and literally helped build up Nuffnang since 2006 and that's why Nuffnang owes her big time. While she helped do numerous advertorials for Nuffnang, Nuffnang also helped bring her more hits by highly recommending and promoting her blog to advertisers. It worked both ways... If Nuffnang finds it necessary to keep honoring her out of gratitude and obligation, they should just award her the "Nuffnang Pioneer Blogger" award which would be more appropriate and accurate. No need for any nomination & voting or fancy ceremonies just to make themselves look professional. Just don't insult the intelligence of netizens by awarding her "Best Blog" award. I am sure even Nuffnang knows that she's not exactly the best blogger, not in the region nor in Singapore alone and it's not just the blog statistics that will prove that but also her downright despicable reputation.

  33. We keep bringing up Dawn Yang because she is notorious for talking trash about others under anonymous usernames. She has trashed and spread rumors about countless other bloggers, celebrities, and even her own friends (for having plastic surgery, being ugly, etc.) under her fake usernames and she got caught. Some of her victims include Arissa Cheo, Nira Chan, Fiona Xie, Dawn Yeo, Xiaxue, Angelababy, and Jamie Teo. Dawn Yang is a really nasty person, and worse, she pretends to be the opposite - an innocent, kind hearted Christian angel. At least Xiaxue doesn't try to hide her bitchiness.

  34. Ok Xiaxue, whatever you say :)

    The one thing you do hide from everyone while pretending to be "awesome" is that you are an arrogant boastful fearful loser who's terrified of losing your husband because you know that no one else will marry a pathetic bitch like you.


  35. @Galaxia, seriously the best thing about Xiaxue's blog is her honesty.
    She don't lie her feelings in her blog, she says what she want not afraid of haters. That is what I admire about her. A blog is meant to do what you want write what you want. She used it the right way. Plus, her posts are with evidence, she don't lie about what others wrote just to make people on her side.

  36. Both XX and DY are fake hypocrites in their own ways.

    The only difference is that XX has the strong backing of the corrupted Nuffnang that's helping her get more fans so that she can brainwash and influence them badly as can be seen by their comments.

    Only stupid fans like XX's fans will think that XX is honest and has "evidence". What evidence? Did she have evidence when she defamed and accused DY that landed her in the lawsuit?

    If XX is so honest and innocent, why did she remove the blog post?

    Thanks to Nuffnang, I have stopped reading XX's blog and have also unfollowed her in twitter. I do not wish to support a blog that is lying to the world through a corrupted agency that it's the "Region's Best Blog" and "Most Influential Blog".

  37. If this happened 3 years or 5 years ago, it would be fairly believable. But today if Nuffang still keeps awarding xiaxue best blog award, it looks like it had hired some cheap unintelligent judges to judge this competition who really have not much time to read blogs.

  38. Typical sore losers! XX has a great blog, it's fun, light hearted and easy to read.
    Get over it! You didn't win cos there were better people out there and your blog just isn't good enough. instead of bitching about xiaxue, how about look at your own boring mediocre blogs and see what you can do to make it better instead of forgettable

  39. Timothy Tiah seems to like midgets and bitches very much... One is a four-feet-nine bitch, the other is a pink midget.... With immatured perverts like him running the company, it's easy to see why Nuttnang has become a nut case.

  40. Xiaxue has been rejected by Singaporeans as a foul mouth bad influence and attention seeking whore. If Nuffnang hadn't falsely promoted her as a top blogger, she would have committed suicide by now!

  41. I think if anyone should win best blog award, it should be

    1, She has a very attractive & original blog design.

    2. She actually has a life that does not just center around herself

    3. She updates her blog almost everyday and it's nothing about any haters

    4. She has natural creative writing skills and lot of stories to tell that makes her blog posts interesting to read.

    I hope Nuffnang judges take these factors into consideration and wake up to the realization that Xiaxue isn't the only blogger in the region especially the one that deserves awards.

    And I am also a Singaporean :)

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