Jan 5, 2012

of dbs/posb - fraudulent withdrawal

tester72 describes unauthorized withdrawals made from DBS Taka Debit Card.

Read more (DBS/POSB - Fraudulent Withdrawal - Physically!)

Unauthorised withdrawals from POSB/DBS accounts
Police are investigating several cases of unauthorised withdrawals from POSB and DBS Bank accounts allegedly made in Malaysia.

Some POSB and DBS Bank customers informed DBS on Wednesday that unauthorized withdrawals were made in Malaysia through their DBS/POSB ATM and debit cards.

DBS investigates unauthorised withdrawals from DBS/POSB accounts

Watch Unauthorised withdrawals from POSB/DBS bank accounts (狮城6点半新闻)


  1. Cheated SGD 4000 plus. DBS Debit Platinum Card Fraud Case!!!!

    Hi Guys,

    I am one of the victims for the fraud case as well. I saw Jacelyn’s case about the POSB Go Debit card fraud case. I am really helpless and feeling very sad about this fraud case. I found 2 smses on my phone saying that “A transaction of EUR1243.00, ETABLISSMENTS DARTY E occurred on your DBS Card ending 1321 on 12/01/12. Thank you” And the other amount is to the same party, and the amount is EUR1450.77.

    I immediately called up dbs and report about this.And to my surprise, DBS told me that there is another transaction of EUR157.00 paid to the same party as well. Totally sum up to SGD 4875.80.

    DBS also ask me to submit the dispute form which I had and to my horror, they even told me that I might not be able to get back the money. It is really a very big amount and my hard earn money.

    I owe a DBS debit platinum card issued to me by DBS. I never purchase things online before as I am afraid of such things happening to me. I need help to get back this amount. I called DBS and they told me they will look into my case and will take 60 DAYS to get back to me. And I told them that 60days is too long and I am already very worried since yesterday 12/1/2012 this thing happened to me. And DBS people just tell me no choice. you have to wait. I think this is really irresponsible. And they do not even acknowledge on whether they receive the dispute form via email . When I called up DBS the person who attended to me previously go uncontactable.

    Best Regards,


  2. Anonymous02 July, 2012

    hii today i too have suffered similar case ..someone has withdrawn some money using online banking and i have reported..what happened in you cae

  3. :twisted:
    actually i also got the same issue....i using POSB GO debit card on 23/7/2012 suddenly i got few sms from POSB master card online transaction password, i feel very weird because i never use the card online how come i receive such a sms, then i called up the bank to ask...this philipino customer service named ann capuno, i ask her bout the suspicious transaction i encounter, and i was told that my card been use for 5 online transaction between 6:15-6:27pm (which that time i was in met , not making any transaction via internet) so i told her i am not the one who used the card, i think my account been fraud or something...and the best part i have been telling her for half an hour and she did not immediately cancel my debit card, after i curse and swear for half and hour she only told me she will process the cancellation....i was super pissed off , within the half an hour i spoke to her i still receive those online master card pin number sms, which is mean, those fraudster is using my card!!!!! and i ask the customer service for solution and how am i get back the money.... then the best part come again , she replied " sorry mom, we cannot do anything on this"!!!! i am pissed off to maximum untill i scream at her...and she told me to call the merchant and cancel the payment!!!!! if i ever know those merchant this is not fraud case ok......and those merchant all is US base company so she aspect me to call to US is it????walaooooo!!!

    and she say the bank need to wait until 10 days later after the merchant claim the money then i need to go down to branch then sign the dispute forms and wait for another 30-60 days for the bank investigate!!! what the hell is this? i immediately told the customer service is not my transaction and i instruct the bank do not release any payment to the merchant since is fraud case, why do the bank still need to release the money to the merchant? so i am thinking the banks only protect the merchant rights, only protect the bank itself....so who is protecting my own saving account money with the bank??????? money in my account be stolen just like that and yet they ask me wait so many days??

    then i told the customer service ann, i do not wish to speak to her anymore since she is not willing to help me and cannot provide a solution for me then i request to transfer to manager on duty which is not from Philippines , then she transfer me to a PHilipinies manager!!!!!! and the so called manager cannot help me also he say that's nothing he can do!!!! what is this answer again!! then i told him transfer me to card department to make sure my card is been cancelled, and he ask me back "why u need to talk with them"?? so again question to the POSB bank, so i dont even have my customer rights to speak to a customer service officer to make sure my my card is been cancelled or not??? i requested him to transfer me to a chinese officer then yet he transfer my call to Philippines girl again!!!!!!!!!!! i have repeat 3 time i do not wish to speak with a Philippines people, coz they dont seems to understand english or they have communication problem i do not know!!

    finally after 2 hours the final chinese singaporean customer service manager give me a solution, he advice me to go make a police report and email him the softcopy of the police report so that he will forward to the fraud department and someone will follow up the next day.... Actually as a consumer we want answer and solution like this....not by telling me "we cannot do anything" then full stop . i having a very very bad impression on the bank from that day onwards and actually i did call up media corp for this issue i am facing thru...thank god the reporter is very helpful...she actually call up the bank and i think i can get my refund back the next day also because of her....so i do not need to wait for the super long process which is 60 days....i am very lucky for this...thanks mediacorp!!!


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  6. Hi,

    same thing happened to me just yesterday. does your funds refunded? do u have any suggestions how can i get my money back as well? I lost 1,200sgd on this case. I hope you can help me too. Do i need to call mediacorp as well?

    thanks for your help...


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