Sep 20, 2012

of blogger xiaxue reveals pregnancy

Wendy Cheng (Xiaxue) has revealed in a blog post that she is pregnant. She is already in her second trimester, only revealing this piece of good news on 19 Sep, her husband Mike's birthday.

Michael Sayre and Wendy Cheng

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Expecting... a baby


  1. Poor baby! He/she will be known as son of a bitch or cunt of a bitch...

  2. Ex-fan of Xiaxue25 September, 2012

    It's hard to be happy for her when I look at her face and all I see is the phrase "foul mouth bitch" written all over.. Oh how she loves insulting and cursing people whether provoked or unprovoked. She's going to be an utter disgrace and embarrassment to her child.

  3. She might as well name her child Dawn or Don.... since she has a maniacal obsession of Dawn Yang!


  4. Time again for her and Cuntie Doris to go begging for sponsorships while freeloader Mike shake legs at home

  5. NO Singaporeans are proud of XX except her own family and friends and fans who do not yet know her true colors. I've never met anyone more arrogant and malicious. She ABUSES her "top blogger" & "most influential" blogger titles to persistently put down people hoping that people will support her and not see through her evil motives. She is a mentally unstable and insecure lunatic and I believe her foetus is already cursed in the womb by own mother by the very words she used to curse other people. It's called KARMA ...

  6. So many plastic surgeries still look like dat.. Every day wake up must quickly put on false eyelashes, otherwise no difference between pre and post surgeries.. never leaves home without false eyelashes.. So fake from hair to face to body!! Hope her baby doesn't die of shock at the sight of the motherfucker !!!

  7. COWARD !
    COWARD !!
    COWARD !!!

    She set up fake hate sites for Dawn Yang after stealing her neighbour's IP and wifi, then hypocritically insults some schoolgirls for shoplifting...

    Let her future kids know what a coward and hypocritical mom she is!

    Let's see how long it takes before XX's retarded fans accuse Dawn Yang of writing all this comments under different usernames while deliberately ignoring the crimes that XX is guilty of for which Dawn Yang has yet to report to the Police!

    COWARD !!!!!!!

  8. I want to throw up... Fpuke!!!

    .... and I'm not even pregnant!

  9. Wendy Cheng the Cock-Sucker - better not have baby with dicky - Dicks make her excited...

  10. Yay, her lesbian lover cho happy...\\

  11. Xiaxue is Not the top blogger in Singapore.

  12. No one deserves to be insulted more than Xiaxue. Just like her incompetent mother, Doris Yip Sau Ying, failed to bring her up a decent woman worthy of respect, so will Xiaxue's child grow up to be a disgrace deserving of insults!

    Fucking family...

  13. Fake Xiaxue Fan19 October, 2012

    She is a nobody without her colorful hair and blowjob boastings. Xiaxue is the Vivian Lee of Singapore - Blowjob Queen of Singapore. In fact, Vivian Lee looks very much like Xiaxue before plastic surgeries.


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