Sep 18, 2012

of mp hri kumar calls for psle to be removed

Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Member of Parliament Hri Kumar calls for PSLE to be scrapped.

I am all for slaying the PSLE sacred cow. But we need to first agree on an alternative way of deciding who goes to which secondary school, other than by way of a common exam

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Primary Colours Part 2: The PSLE Dilemma (MP Hri Kumar's blog post)

In May, former Nominated MP also called for PSLE to be abolished.
We find that pressure building up to the PSLE is tremendous for all parents. So my proposal is very simple, get rid of the PSLE, let the child enrol in Singapore from Primary One and stay all the way through 'N', 'O' or 'A' levels. If we do that, we free the school from this obsession of testing, and the teachers and educators can focus on teaching and learning, and if we do that, more young couples would be willing to grow larger families.
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