of see jamie yeo, sonja steinmetz and hubert tang strip

Like the Power Breakfast Show facebook page and see DJs Jamie Yeo, Sonja Steinmetz and Hubert Tang strip. If the likes hit 15,000 fans, Sonja will strip. If it hits 20,000 fans, Hubert Tang will strip. And if you want to see Jamie Yeo strip down, the Facebook likes must reach 25,000 fans.

The Power Breakfast Show(PBS) Strips Down is on! Stand to win iPads, Scoot Tickets and see our Djs strip ala "American Beauty".

So LIKE us, and register at http://bit.ly/PBSSpicy NOW. It's gonna get hot in here!

Here's how it's gonna work. If our Facebook page hits:
15,000 fans - Sonja will strip + 1 iPad will be given away
20,000 fans - Hubert will strip + 1 iPad + A pair of Scoot tickets will be given away
25,000 fans - Jamie will strip + 1 iPad + A pair of Scoot tickets will be given away
Bonus 35,000 fans – Decide who you want to strip + Breakfast with the PBS crew + 1 iPad will be given away

As they say, what the Boss wants, the Boss will get.
The Power Breakfast Show Strips Down!


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