Oct 27, 2012

of chinese teacher, yan yanhong (颜艳红), lifts boy by ears (photos)

Photo of kindergarten teacher, Yan Yanhong (颜艳红), lifting a boy by his ears sparks uproar.

Read more (Unspeakable cruelty! Picture emerges of Chinese teacher holding a screaming pupil off the ground by his EARS)

Chinese teacher's photo of boy held by ears sparks uproar
China Teacher Abuse: Yan Yanhong Fired After Sending Disturbing Child Abuse Photos [VIDEO]
Caught on camera: Teacher lifts boy by ears

Other shocking photos show Ms Yanhong's pupils with tape over their mouths and buckets on their heads

浙江温岭幼师颜艳红"虐童"事件震惊社会 虐童老师竟觉得有趣!年轻的幼儿园女老师,两手拎着一名小男孩的双耳,将他双脚提离地面约10厘米。 (Youtube Video)



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