of singapore silat chief: I want apology for ‘demoralising’ remark

Singapore Silat head, Sheik Alauddin, wants Jessie Phua to apologise.

Sheik’s fury stems from the omission of the Sportsman of the Year accolade from this year’s awards, after a selection committee determined that no male athlete had achieved anything of note in 2012.

Silat world champion Muhd Shakir Juanda was one of four nominated for the honour, along with paddler Gao Ning, sailor Colin Cheng and wushu exponent Seet Wee Key.

While explaining the decision not to award a Sportsman of the Year to various media, Phua said the panel had to “consider the quality of the competition” faced by the athletes.

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For just the third time since its inauguration in 1967, the Singapore Sports Awards (SSA) will not have a Sportsman of the Year.

S'pore Sports Awards: No athlete 'deserving of this year's Sportsman of the Year honour'


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