of solar-powered plane lands near washington

Solar Impulse, a solar-powered plane, nearing the close of a cross-continental journey landed at Dulles International Airport, only one short leg to New York remaining on a voyage that opened in May.

It's the first bid by a solar plane capable of being airborne day and night without fuel to fly across the U.S, at speeds reaching about 40 mph. The plane opened by flying from San Francisco via Arizona, Texas, Missouri and Ohio onward to Dulles with stops of several days in cities along the way.

The plane, considered the world's most advanced sun-powered aircraft, is powered by about 12,000 photovoltaic cells that cover its enormous wings and charge its batteries during the day. The single-seat Solar Impulse flies around 40 mph and can't go through clouds; weighing about as much as a car, the aircraft also took longer than a car to complete the journey from Ohio to the East Coast.

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Schindler chairman and CEO, Alfred Schindler (left), with Solar Impulse aviators, André Borschberg (in the cockpit) and Bertrand Piccard



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