of alvin and vivian apologize for posting bak kut teh photo

Alvin and Vivian has apologised for posting an insensitive photo posted on their Facebook fanpage.

alvin and vivian bak kut teh

In the photo, the pair is seen having Bak Kut Teh. The words 'Selamat Berbuka Puasa' (Happy Fast Breaking) with the Halal logo appear on the photo.

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eee.. they are eating the meat that when you pour coca-cola on it ..all the worms will come out ...the animal's throat is a reservoir for all kinds of viruses and bacteria(according to a Singapore minister) and as proven by scientists...fear factor program..never mind can die young... childish and immatured scholars..half past six ..undergrads...

eee..eating the meat that is a reservoir for all kinds or viruses and bacteria (according to one singapore minister) and worms can come out when you pour coca-cola..half past six undergrads ..childdish and immatured..

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