Oct 13, 2013

of online petition to ask mom to withdraw work permit of mr roginald santos oloresisimo

Dear friends from the press,

We will be drafting out a online petition soon to ask MOM to withdraw the work permit of the offender Mr Roginald Santos Oloresisimo who posted his Filipino-only job advertisement and also to disallow the Swiss restaurant La Fondue to hire any more foreigners for a year.

We felt that these are just penalties for major lapses in the whole hiring process of the restaurant.

Even though the person involved in posting the discriminating advertisement may or may not have the blessing of the restaurant management we felt that he is still guilty of wrongdoing and should be sent back to his own country.

The restaurant also has to bear much of the blame here even though they claim that they didn’t know of the advertising plot of their unofficial PR guy. He has posted in at least three other online jobs portal for Filipino-only hiring and if the restaurant really only has Filipinos in the whole crew setup then its even more guilty of employment malpractices.

Read more (Online petition to ask MOM to withdraw work permit of Mr Roginald Santos Oloresisimo and stop further foreigner hiring of Swiss restaurant La Fondue 25 Dempsey Road for a year)

Safeguard the proper hiring practices in Singapore


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