of stunning photos from the rare solar eclipse

Sky watchers across the world were treated to a rare hybrid solar eclipse on Sunday morning — when an annular solar eclipse (when the only visible part of the sun appears as a bright ring around the moon) transitions into a total solar eclipse (when the moon completely blocks the sun).

Eclipse watchers got a different view depending on their region of the world. Early risers in the eastern United States could see a partial eclipse. Only people in central Africa got to see the total eclipse of the sun. In Kenya, the total eclipse lasted for 15 seconds.

Photo (above): Eclipse chaser Wendell Joseph captured this photo of the partial solar eclipse view from Trinidad.

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The diamond ring effect of the 2013 total solar eclipse is seen in this amazing photo (below) by eclipse-chasing photographer Ben Cooper, who captured the image from an airplane at 43,000 feet on 3 Nov 2013 during a rare hybrid annual/total solar eclipse.

solar eclipse 2013

Rare Solar Eclipse Wows Skywatchers Across Atlantic, Africa (Photos)

The last recorded eclipse of this kind occurred on 20 Nov 1854, and it won't happen again until 17 Oct 2172.

solar eclipse 1854 photo
Photo (above): 1854 solar eclipse

Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Photos of Nov. 3, 2013 (Gallery)


Great captures. Events like these occur very rarely, so good to capture them.

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