Sep 23, 2005

of talkr

[via theory.isthereason]

I was testing out Talkr which will convert your feeds into MP3. Quite cool. Kevin has subscribed to it and used it in his blog. Now can listen to his posts after a few mouse clicks. Cool.

I have written a post in LiveJournal to test Talkr.

Here is the audio file generated by Talkr.

Update: I have uploaded the audio file at MegaUpload. Click here if the audio file link above does not work.


  1. very powderful indeed. the Mou tak deng also can pronounce... only the seebey ho part not so good.

  2. haha! seriously steady bompeepee! Should try this out with limpeh si hokkien nang's or rockson's entries hiaks :P

  3. how come i cant hear anything?

  4. will it be the next big thing??

  5. Maybe you should recommend this to Rockson :)

  6. bahgae: I tihnk simi sai also can. :)

    desperate addict: Go have fun with it.

    angelia: Should be no problem one. Very powder!

    kukukucinta: Cannot? Try to save it.

    ghost: Not sure. Maciam podcasting. So good for listening while on the move.

    beng: Must change the char bo voice to tar por one.

    ziggy: thanks. cool!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I was wondering how they did it. However it is done, it's definitely not translated into voice by a real person. No one can say all that without laughing...

    Char bo better... now got free tool for fantasy hotlines liao.

  8. the facetious cap'n intrepid: No emotions one hor. Ha! Fantasy hotlines.

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