Dec 14, 2011

of hossan leong in "hot soup" for reporting train delays based on tweets

Hossan Leong almost got into trouble for tweeting on the Circle Line train delays that happened at 6am this morning, rather than waiting for the official reports from the Circle Line operator, SMRT.

Hossan Leong (@HossanLeong) tweeted
OK...I reported it on air and now I'm getting into trouble for it?? The CC line is DOWN rite? I did nothing wrong rite?
Okaaayyy so now, apparently TWEETS are NOT considered official! HUH??
Apparently I can only talk about it if OFFICIAL SMRT statement is given, NONSENSE
CIRCLE LINE = Constantly In Repair & Construction, Leaving Everyone Late, Irritated, N Enraged. :)

Read more (Singapore radio personality in "hot soup" for reporting train delays based on Tweets)

SMRT statement on Circle Line Train Service Disruption

Photo taken by desfino

How do you draw a circle with a line?

Delay in Circle Line services
DJ censured for reporting SMRT breakdown faster than SMRT


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